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Stay up to date on all Florida Real Estate with this blog, while buying or selling a home in sunny Florida.

We would love all our Florida Real Estate agents to contribute “WOW” moments when they have them. These will be shared and featured on our new blog and updates. As a your local Florida Broker, we like to do everything we can to keep you updated on Florida Real Estate from your local Florida broker. We service all of Florida and we are also seeking agents. Are you moving to Florida and need help finding your dream home? Robert Slack Fine Homes currently has agents in Ocala, Orlando, Sarasota, Tampa, Miami Beach, Palm Beach, and Ft. Lauderdale. Call today and we can set you up with an agent in your area!

Robert Slack Fine Homes, LLC specializes in assisting buyers, from all over the world purchase their dream home in the sunshine state of Florida.

Welcome New Agents
Thank you to all our existing agents

Quick introduction of myself.
Dan Walters joined Robert as his partner and Coo to assist with growing the company and continuing Roberts vision for Robert Slack Fine Homes

Our short term company goals are
#1. Recruit outstanding agents in key locations throughout the state of Florida
#2. Develop an Onboarding and training program to assure our new agents and current agents are successful.
#3. Create structure and consistency within all aspects of the company.

As we continue to build the largest Real Estate company in Florida and the US we need to assure everyone of us are on the same page.

You will begin receiving timely communication from Myself , Robert and Garrett moving forward.

We are excited about the future for all of you and RSFH.

I look forward to meeting each of you over the next 30 days and thank you for all you do!

Thanks again and I will see you soon!

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