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Is Florida a Safe Place to Live?

Security is one of the main aspects that people consider when they are choosing a place to live. People are concerned that most of the states in the United States have high crime rates, which are a characteristic of declining security. Despite what some may assume, Florida is actually a relatively safe place to settle down:

Car Accident Statistics

Car accidents in Florida cities have recorded a significant decrease as indicated in the recent FBI published reports. The statistics continue to highlight that the wrongful death caused by negligent driving or other traffic offenses has declined. This is despite Florida ranking among the bottom states that reported few car accidents in the previous year. However, some car accidents have been reported involving trucks and personal cars, but they have not been fatal to cause alarm within the community or traffic department.

Crime Rates

Although penny crime continued to be reported in different cities in the state of Florida, it cannot be compared to what other states such as New York have been experiencing over the past few years. There are no major crime incidents such as robbery, car theft, and highway carjacking that have been reported in the previous few months. Florida has consistently proved to be a secure state for many retirees who want to live in a safe environment.

Police Presence

It is common knowledge that large police presence in a region signifies high incidents of criminal activities. This is not the same as Florida. You are likely to stay for a few months without seeing police presence in your area. You will not see police often responding to calls, but it will be common for you to see a police car pass by your home as cops patrol the cities and rural areas in all of Florida. It has also been known that Florida police respond to distress calls immediately which is something to make you feel proud.

Owner Dwellings

There are many owner-dwellings in most estates around different cities in Florida than there are rentals. Owner dwellings have been known to demonstrate whether a specific region is safe. A recent research study published by the University of Virginia indicated that rentals promote criminal activities in an area. Some of the people occupying the rental regions are criminals who do not abide by rules and regulations and commit illegal activities at will. It is difficult to find many estates in Florida that have rentals.

From the above information, it is evident that Florida is a safe place to live. People should consider Florida for life after retirement or when one is migrating to the United States from another country. It is a safe state with favorable weather conditions.


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