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5 Unique Ways to Increase Your Home Value

In today’s competitive real estate market you want to take steps to maximize your home’s equity. From painting rooms to putting in trees and other such amenities, you can increase the value of your home in some ways.

There are a variety of ways you can improve the overall value of your home. Here are a few of the most popular tricks:

Invest in Technology

Tech-savvy houses are all the rage today. Millennial buyers are entering the real estate market and are acutely aware of digitized health and safety features in a home. Adding automated features like digital heating and cooling monitors or automated safety mechanisms can have a significant impact on your home’s value. According to ADT, “not only can you see if the system is armed or disarmed, you can also see if any sensors are having issues (such as low battery, AC power loss, etc.)’ doors or windows are opened, motion is detected, the system is offline or an alarm has been triggered.”

This technology can increase its appeal, especially to the younger market. If you do choose to add that home automation to your home, make sure you highlight it as a selling feature.

Update Light Fixtures

Lighting in a home is crucial. Lighting determines the ambiance of a room and can have an impact on resale value. If you want a cost-effective change, consider upgrading your light fixtures with a more trending look and glow. This new look won’t go unnoticed when it comes time to list the house.

Create an Outdoor Area

Outdoor spaces are becoming more important than ever before when it comes to the real estate market. These projects can add significant appeal if done correctly. Consider adding a patio, screened porch, or garden area to the back of your home. You can also consider additions like fencing and landscaping. Either way, the curb appeal will add character and charm.

Add Storage

Storage is a huge selling point for many home buyers. Homes with limited cabinets or storage space tend to do poorly on the market. Buyers want areas that will help keep the house decluttered and clean. There are a variety of ways you can add storage including shelf installation, expanding counter space with accompanying cabinetry or cabinet inserts.

Fix Tile-work

Spaces with excessive tiling (bathroom floors, kitchen countertops) can often produce a yellowing effect over time. This natural aging can be a turn off to a prospective buyer. Fixing the grout can give your tile-work a facelift that can dramatically impact the value of your home. It’s a relatively inexpensive project that can pay huge dividends.

These are just a few of the many ways you can upgrade your home and improve the overall value. If you’re prepping your home for the market, take the time to consider these simple tricks.

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