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All You Need To Know About Moving to Space Coast Florida

The Space Coast made its mark as a memorable backdrop to some of history’s most influential moments. With no shortage of sandy beaches, art districts, nightlife and top rated restaurants this coast has become a place many call home!

COO of Robert Slack, Dan Walters and his agents explore Space Coast Florida to show you how great this place is. If you have been on the fence about moving to this part of Florida continue reading, as we will discuss everything you need to know about moving to Space Coast Florida.

A Quick Trip to Cocoa Beach Pier

The team’s trip started with the iconic Cocoa Beach Pier, which was built in 1962 and home to the 11 Time World Champion Surfer Kelly Slater! Slater learned to surf in the waters of Cocoa Beach and is a surfing icon known all over the world! Cocoa Beach Pier also served as the inspirational backdrop to the famous sitcom I Dream Of Jeannie!

Robert Slack Team Leader and Agent Colleen Cunningham, tells us why the Space Coast is very special to her and shares some of the team wins she has had since joining the Robert Slack team 5 years ago! Cocoa Beach is just one of her favorite spots when speaking about the Space Coast!

Robert Slack Agents Go Shopping at Ron Jon’s Surf Shop

Space Coast Florida is home to Ron Jon’s Surf shop, the largest surf shop in the world and for good reason. The beach hosts thousands of surfing and beach enthusiasts, so it only makes sense that there is a massive surf shop with an endless array of items for men, women and children.

The surf shop named Ron Jon is incredibly massive at 52,000 square feet and has everything you would want for a visit to the beach. This location was founded in 1963 by surfer/ owner Ron Jon, who got the idea to open his store after his dad advised him to buy two surfboards, make a profit on them and buy another one for himself.

Eventually, what started as a venture by a young boy who only wanted to buy himself a surfboard became a renowned business in the U.S, frequented by thousands of beach goers every day. This store also has a mini museum that has surfing related artifacts, memorabilia and much more. It is a short visit, but definitely worth checking out!

Inside Look at a 5,500 SqFt Luxury Property

After visiting Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, Robert Slack agents Colleen Cunningham and Cat Flanagan walk us through a Melbourne, Fl a 5,500 sqft luxury property. This 5 bed, 5 bath home features a grand entrance, golf course, pool, jacuzzi, outdoor patio, outdoor kitchen, renovated floors, winebar, upgraded bathrooms and more.

Florida Funding, How to Offset Closing Costs

Robert Slack Agent Cat Flanagan, met with Senior loan officer of Florida Funding Gary Crowder to learn about how to offset closing costs. He discusses how the housing market has pivoted. When asked how to position offers moving forward, Gary stated that buyers today are in a much better position to ask sellers for concessions when it comes to offsetting closing costs. Watch this short clip below to hear about other tools that are helping buyers and sellers with the help of Florida Funding!

Vine and Olive Restaurant, Titusville, Florida

Dan Walters visited Titusville’s Vine and Olive restaurant and met with general manager, Michael Cardonem and Executive Chef William Patrick to get the 411 on the inspiration behind their restaurant concept and design. The restaurant’s menu includes a fusion of Italian and American foods with a heavy focus on Floridian cuisine. All of the vegetables, meats and dairy items used by Vine and Olive are fresh and sourced from Florida.

The owners wanted a place where people could come, relax, have good food and wine with good company.

3…2…1 …Rocket Launch

Robert Slack Agents Colleen Cunningham and Cat Flanagan grew up in Space Coast Florida and take a trip down memory lane!

Truly a Place worth Living in

With so much to offer, Space Coast Florida is truly a place worth living and has something for everyone. Hot Summers, Beaches, Food, Mild Winters and most importantly a great community! If you are looking to relocate, or moving within the state of Florida, the Space Coast is for you! Here at Robert Slack we specialize in Florida Real Estate and have over 700 agents ready to help you! If you are looking to buy, sell or join our team we would like to hear from you!

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