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Should I Worry About Crime in My New Neighborhood?

When deciding between where to buy a home, it is important to consider the neighborhood’s safety. Home values are higher, insurance can be lower, and your peace of mind will be improved when you are in a safe neighborhood.

Home intruder

Neighborhood Crime 101:

Crimes in neighborhoods can be violent or non-violent. Non-violent crime includes break-ins, vandalism, and common minor crimes. Non-violent crimes do not involve the use of force to a person and do not injure another person. They typically result in economic loss. Violent crime includes assault, murder, and serious crimes. An individual does not need to be injured for a crime to be violent (serious threats and threats with weapons can be violent crimes). It is important to be aware of neighborhood crime, as it can impact your family’s safety and the safety of your possessions. According to ADT, 33% of home invasions are repeat burglaries, so knowing the history of the neighborhood is paramount.

Learning About Your Neighborhood

Before moving to a neighborhood, you can investigate its safety through various online reporting groups. This information is valuable in assisting you in making informed decisions about where to live and about what kind of security you may need in your home.

Family Watchdog is a specialized web page that provides information about sex offenders in the neighborhood. AreaVibes helps potential homeowners identify neighborhoods for moving based on factors the homeowner values. It provides “livability” scores that include crime rates. Neighborhood Scout and Crime reports are similar web pages that provide crime statistics for areas.

Support Crime Prevention

Joining your local neighborhood watch can support safety in your new neighborhood. While you may not want to be that nosy neighbor, being aware of and involved in your neighbors’ lives can support neighborhood safety. Knowing when someone is out of town, watching for strangers, supporting neighbors in-home safety will assist in neighborhood safety. Crimes such as burglary can be easily thwarted by keeping an eye out for suspicious strangers who are casing a home or trying to break in. Criminals really don’t want to be caught, and they will often abandon an attempt if they think someone has seen or reported them.

Moving into a safe neighborhood is important for your safety and economic security. The websites listed above can help you in ensuring that you move to a new neighborhood that is right for you and your family!

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