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Robert was born in Cumbria, England and acquired extensive knowledge in all kinds of residential properties, by purchasing and renovating a variety of properties including a 36 room mansion. On arriving in the USA in 1979, Robert again began investing in Real Estate again, and obtained his Real Estate license in 1984, selling mostly vineyards, orchards and orange groves in the Central Valley of California. In 1996, Robert purchased a thoroughbred horse farm in Ocala, Florida and named it Stoneriggs Farm, the same name of his family’s farm in the North of England, and developed it into one of the best-known farms in the Ocala and beyond.

On selling the farm in 2006 Robert decided to go back into Real Estate, with the intent of opening his own Brokerage, which he did in 2014, developing it in a short time into one of the most innovative and highly respected Brokerages in Florida, with Agents across the state. Robert Slack, LLC specializes in assisting buyers, from all over the world purchase their dream home in the sun in Florida.


October 1, 2014:
Robert Slack along with 4 newly licensed agents opened Robert Slack Fine Homes, LLC in a small office in Ocala, Florida where Robert lives. Robert started purchasing Zillow leads with his first purchase being charged to wife’s credit card for $168 per month.
December 31, 2014:
Robert Slack and his now 6 agents closed 52 transactions worth $7.5M within the first 3 months and we’re excited about the model of purchasing and working online leads.
December 31, 2015:
Closings increased to 256 transactions worth $46M and consisted of 43 agents by the end of 2015 and the company was now spending $15,000 per month in online leads.
February 1, 2016:
Mr. Slack made a significant business change and on this day began purchasing leads and no longer purchased Zillow leads.
December 31, 2016:
With a lead investment now totaling over $40,000 per month, Robert Slack now had grown to 56 agents on his team and the company had closed 507  total transactions worth, $90M in 2016.
March 1, 2017:
As the company continued to grow, Robert Slack knew it was time to grow and bring on a partner focused on positioning the company for its rapid growth and expansion. Enter
Dan Walters an accomplished real estate agent, broker and accomplished professional with 25+ years in leadership in hospitality management. Mr. Walters became a partner of Robert Slack LLC and operates COO joined the company focusing on implementing processes and industry best practices.
October 1, 2017:
The company opened it’s Orlando office in the Dellagio Plaza located in the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando.
December 31, 2017
Now spending over $150,000 per month on leads from and with 151 agents throughout the state of Florida the company closed 1012 transactions worth $256M in sales during 2017.
April 1, 2018:
Robert Slack, LLC became the #1 Real Estate Team in Florida based on the total number of closed transactions during 2017.
December 31, 2018:
Now Spending over $450,000 per month on leads and with over 275 agents the Robert Slack, LLC team of agents sold 2,527 transactions worth $635M