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What is My Home Worth?

Before you sell your home, you should be asking an important question: what’s my home worth? The answer might surprise you because a lot of factors play a part in determining the value of your home. Finding out the worth or value of your home, helps to ensure that you are pricing it correctly. Failing to do this can lead to a slow or difficult sale and you don’t want that.

How Can You Find Out

The best real estate companies will provide you with a free evaluation of the value of your home before they market your property. This also provides them with the information they need and ensures that they are promoting your property to the right audience or group of buyers.

Alternatively, you can use a free home value calculator online. Be aware though, this might not provide the accurate results that you will get from an official evaluation.

What Impacts Your Home Value?

Location, location and did we mention location? Where your home is located plays a crucial part in determining the value of your property. You need to think about the condition your home is in too as well as the current economic or market trends. For instance, if there are fewer buyers currently on the market then your home value will be lower.

How To Improve Your Homes Value

You can improve your home worth by making changes with a particular focus on curb appeal. While this may not impact the starting value of your home, it can encourage buyers to make higher offers when they view your property.

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